The Political Violence and Its Legacies (PVL) Workshop coordinators are excited to continue the work of our interdisciplinary community. This semester we will be using our workshop as a platform to showcase and advance the scholarship of Yale’s own extraordinary graduate students (as well as one of our wonderful faculty members and coordinators). 

Our workshop’s norms:  

  • All members are expected to have read the circulated papers ahead of the workshop, to minimize presentation time and maximize feedback time. 
  • Laptops and phones are strictly forbidden in our space, as a sign of respect for our presenters and colleagues. 

We pride ourselves in creating a collegiate and productive environment; we have no doubt this year we’ll carry on this tradition!

See our schedule below. As always, it’s subject to change, so make sure to check our emails periodically. 

SPRING 2023 PVL Workshop

Jan. 19th (RKZ 102) - Ramon Garibaldo Valdez (Yale University), “No estan solos, You Are Not Alone: Resisting U.S. Immigrant Detention from the Inside-Out”

Feb. 2nd (Luce Hall 203) - Samuel Fury Childs Daly (Duke University), “Fela Kuti Goes to Court: State Violence and the Spectacle of Inquiry in Postcolonial Africa” 

Feb. 23 (Luce Hall 203) - John Witt (Yale University), “From Sabotage to Industrial Democracy: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and the Crooked Path of American Radicalism, 1906 - 1927” 

March 2nd (Luce Hall 203) - Arzoo Osanloo (University of Washington), “The Enduring Logic of Humanitarianism and the Eclipse of Human Rights”

March 9 (Luce Hall 203) - Alejandro Fajardo (Yale University), “The Persistence of Failing Authoritarian Regimes: Ordinary People in the 21st Century Venezuela”

March 30 (Luce Hall 203) - Greta Uehling (University of Michigan, LSA), “The Alchemy of Adversity: How an Indigenous People Survived and Thrived through the Russian Occupation of Crimea”

April 13 (RKZ 102) - Louisa Lombard (Yale University), “The Initiative-Killing Machine: Orders, Risk Aversion, and Bureaucracy in Military Peacekeeping”

April 27 (RKZ 102) - Eddie Thomas (Independent), “Conflict, Commodification, and Women’s Lives: How War Creates Market Which Give Women More Work and Less Food”

Please email  PVL Grad Student Coordinator Ramon Garibaldo Valdez ( with any questions.