The Political Violence and Its Legacies (PVL) Workshop coordinators are excited to continue the work of our interdisciplinary community. This semester we will be using our workshop as a platform to showcase and advance the scholarship of Yale’s own extraordinary graduate students (as well as one of our wonderful faculty members and coordinators). 

Our workshop’s norms:  

  • All members are expected to have read the circulated papers ahead of the workshop, to minimize presentation time and maximize feedback time. 
  • Laptops and phones are strictly forbidden in our space, as a sign of respect for our presenters and colleagues. 

We pride ourselves in creating a collegiate and productive environment; we have no doubt this year we’ll carry on this tradition!

See our schedule below. As always, it’s subject to change, so make sure to check our emails periodically. 

Spring 2022 PVL Workshop

February 10th – Louisa Lombard (Yale University, Anthropology) 

February 17th – Maria Aguilar (Yale University, CLAIS/History)

February 24th – Dana Moss (University of Notre Dame, Sociology) 

March 10th – Thomas Hegghammer (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Political Science/History) 

March 30th (Wednesday)– Susan Ellison (Wellesley, Anthropology). “The Laboring House: Intimate Architectures of Political Violence.” 
April 14th– William Kwok (Political Science, Yale University). “The Orders of Genocide: Commands and Mass Killings in Cambodia.” 
April 21st– Peer Schouten (Danish Institute for Social Studies). “A Deep History of Trade-based Order and Resistance in Central Africa.” 

FALL 2021 PVL Workshop

September 9th – Elizabeth Nugent (“Revolutionary High? Exposure to State Violence & Drug Use After Revolution”) 

September 23rd – Chloe Sariego (“Birth Rights and Wrongs: Paradoxical Reproductive Abuse and the Maintenance of MIgrant Intervenability”)

September 30th – Julia Bleckner (“Variation in Repressive Violence: Evidence from Bangladesh”)

October 28th – Vatsal Naresh (“Majoritarianism and Democratic Violence”)

November 4th – Morgan Galloway (“TBA”)

November 18th – Nicolas Ruedas (“6,402: State Killings in Colombia and the Numerical Construction of Solidarity”)

December 2nd – Haley Allen (“Authoritarian Policing and Repressive Continuity: Socialization, Ideology, and Persistence from Dictatorship to Democracy”)

Please email  PVL Grad Student Coordinator Ramon Garibaldo Valdez ( with any questions.